Some Polyaniline Blends Films Physical Characteristics

Abed AL-Khaliq S. Jabbar

Keywords: XRD, FTIR, PMMA, PS and POE


The casting technique has been successfully used to prepare films with polyaniline (PAni) blends. Films made from the (PMMA ,PAni ), PS, and POE at consistent concentrations have a thickness of 50 micro meters. By using XRD and FTIR spectroscopy, the PAni Blends films are identified. Using this method, the presence of the films' distinctive bonds was discovered. Electrical characteristics showed that, the conductivity of PAni blend sheets measured at room temperature is as follows: for PAni blends made with PMMA, PS, and PEO, respectively: (5.18, 9.23 and 0.12) 10-9 The tensile stress and hardness numbers of the numerous PAni blend films can differ from one another depending on the mechanical characteristics. The results also indicated that the polymers can be used with a very thin layer in photovoltaic cell applications.