A Review of Enhancing Government Offices Experience and Operational Efficiency of Knowledge Management Systems depending on Information Technologies


  • R.H. Hussan and N.H. Hussan


Information Technology, Knowledge Management Systems, Develop Knowledge Management, Sharing Knowledge Management, AI, Data security.


In the middle of the remarkable increase in data and information obtained through reliable search sites for the purpose of increasing operational efficiency and improving experiences in the business world and in government departments. It has become difficult to reach accurate information that benefits the user due to its abundance, as well as it is difficult to obtain the accumulated experiences and the obstacles that the customer faces in order to find similar solutions that the employee needs to obtain in order to solve a specific problem or how to increase production and improve expertise. Despite this, knowledge management systems have faced great obstacles, the most important of which is data security and how to preserve it. In this review, some experiences of governments were highlighted randomly from all over the globe, which used knowledge management systems for information technology, including American, Singaporean and Australian experience. It also reviewed the different processes on how to acquire and generate knowledge and how to capture, store, exchange and apply this knowledge by means of information technology while maintaining data security. These experiences of these countries were considered a decisive tool to solve, improve and increase the efficiency of productivity and were also considered a good way to get out of these obstacles when faced by government employees in the absence of cumulative and informational experience, due to lack of experience or recent work in these departments. So that KMS plays a huge role in addressing these problems.